We help children with albinism in Tanzania

When we talk about "health" we mean the help we can offer for the health of the children with albinism. To prevent skincancer we provide[...]

When we speak of "education"we mean the education which is so important for the children. Ufortionately only a few children with albinism in Tanzania get a fair chance on good education. We place [...]

— Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Our goal is to raise the well-being of children with albanism in Tanzania

There is much to read in the media about children with albinism in Africa. In Tanzania in particular, the situation for these children is alarming. The children are left in camps for their own safety. Here they should be safe and locked away from the outside world. These camps were initially set up as a short term emergency solution, but have now acquired a long-term character. In some cases there is education, but during the holidays the camps close and the children are left on their own. Other camps prohibit contact with parents or family and the children live here until they are adults.

A lot of these camps/children’s homes are overcrowded and have poor hygienic conditions. There are also reported cases of sexual abuse.

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