Concerning “shelter” we want to take the children away from the overcrowded government-subsidized shelter camps such like Buhangija Center, and transfer them to a loving and safe home. We currently have two accommodations where we can place the children.

Mary Mother Of god Perpetual Help Center

Matumaini School – The Salvation Army

This center is run by Sister Helena.

Sister Helena helps the children with her heart and soul. She involves the children in the community and is a well known person.

Her fenced terrain has a spacious house where she currently takes care of about 65 children (including the 5 little ones she brought from Buhangija during our visit in March 2016).

When we first visited the “house” of Sister Helena in 2016, 65 children lived with her. Every night 65 sleeping mats were rolled out and every space in the house was willed with sleeping children. Sister Helena stated that she would prefer to take care of more children, especially the smallest children who need care so badly. Unfortunately, she did not have the space for this.

At the end of 2016 an American and Italian foundation has built a separate dormitory for the boys and girls. Because the children relieved themselves in the garden due to the lack of sanitary facilities, we built a room with toilets, showers and washbasins in June 2017.

We are committed to supporting her financially and helping her by providing the needed help for the children. We do this alone, but also in collaboration with other foundations worldwide.

On the grounds of The Salvation Army in Dar es Salaam, there is a school for physically disabled children and children with albinism.

The children who attend school here, receive a good education, good food, clean beds and loving care.
In March 2016 we were able to transfer the first two children here, Faustine and Joyce.
In the meantime, Joyce’s young sister has also been placed and there is a place for Faustine’s brother.

We aspire to place several children here.